Our Warranty is Best-in-Class…Just Like Our Machines.

Speed Queen is dedicated to setting new standards with our premier, industry-leading equipment. Our warranty is a testament to that. We offer a 10-year extended warranty on Speed Queen vended cabinet hardmount washer-extractors with 20 through 100 lb capacities. This warranty is the best in the business because it’s transferable – it will last the entire 10 years even if there is a change in ownership. In addition, we’re breaking new ground by including all machines produced on or after May 15, 2007. (Sold or installed in the United States or sold or installed after January, 2014 outside the United States)

Our warranty covers the frame, outer tub, cylinder, shaft, bearing housing and seals and bearings:

Component New Length of Warranty
Frame 10 years
Outer Tub 10 years
Cylinder 10 years
Shaft 10 years
Bearings and Seals 10 years
Bearing Housing 10 years
Is warranty transferable? Yes

The knowledge to lead.

Speed Queen has been on the forefront of the laundry industry for more than a century. They are the most profitable machines to own for a reason. Our Quantum™ controls give you the flexibility to run your business your way, increasing revenue, decreasing utility expenses and delivering better customer care in the process.

At Speed Queen, laundry is all we do. We have the expertise and resources to help your business succeed. And our worldwide network of distributors helps you increase your profitability by picking the right equipment mix, financing tools and operational strategy.

Built for reliable performance.

No other commercial laundry manufacturer demands more out of their machines than we do. Before any piece of equipment is shipped out, it needs to be put to the test through our five stages of product development. That’s why we’re confident that our products are the most trustworthy and reliable machines in the industry.

1. Finite Element Analysis. Before we even create a physical form, products can be designed, modified, assembled and tested in a virtual world. This allows optimization of designs and quality levels never before possible.

2. Component Testing. Once a physical form is created, we run life cycle testing of at least two times the expected life to ensure the design will outlast the competition.

3. Life and Load Testing. 60 pairs of sneakers. Hockey pucks. Our patented “sludge.” At our industry-leading test lab, we push our machines to the breaking point so you can feel confident that your Speed Queen equipment will perform. For a tour of the Alliance Laundry Systems test lab, visit comlaundry.com/testlabvideo.

4. Field Testing. Prior to full production of our washers, we confirm that Speed Queen equipment performs as it was designed by installing and monitoring hundreds units in the field, allowing us to guarantee superior quality.

5. World-Class Manufacturing & Quality Control. Made using state-of-the-art technology and leveraging an unmatched commercial laundry manufacturing experience, our products are produced with consistent precision to surpass the competition – and your expectations.

*The 10-year extended warranty is effective on Speed Queen vended cabinet hardmount washer-extractors with 20 through 80 lb capacities. Qualifying equipment must be manufactured on or after May 15, 2007 and sold or installed in the United States or sold or installed after January, 2014 outside the United States. Warranty runs from the date of the first installation by the original owner. See your local authorized Speed Queen distributor for additional details.