Your business is your business, and you should be able to operate it on your terms. The cutting-edge Quantum® control system from Speed Queen® gives you the freedom to run your business your way and the power to achieve unprecedented levels of profitability. This revolutionary technology combines equipment controls and programming into one full-store management system for washers and tumble dryers. Quantum Silver offers basic features like cycle modifiers and water leak detection, while Quantum Gold gives you more control with added cycles, automatic shutdown, price modifiers, wireless networking and more. Whichever option is right for you, Quantum controls will help you adjust your cost structure, reduce your utility costs, increase your revenue and ultimately maximize your profitability.

Maximize Revenue Potential

Optimize your profitability like never before with Quantum. Reduce programming and on-site labor time with Quantum Gold’s in-depth profit reports that provide store and revenue breakdowns to help you make smart, informed business decisions. Plus, Quantum Gold and Quantum Silver both offer cycle modifiers that allow you to customize cycles depending on the load type to enhance your revenue by 4-5%.

Manage Your Laundry

Think of Quantum Gold as your store manager. With the ability to wirelessly connect your laundry machines together, you can program, monitor, audit and diagnose your equipment from any Internet-connected computer, anytime and anywhere. With auto shutdown, customers can only start wash loads if there’s enough time to dry a load before closing. Want to know about errors before they become bigger issues? Quantum Gold runs routine diagnostics and sends you email notifications for up to 40 warnings to manage maintenance expenses. Plus, audit data offers in-depth store and revenue reports to optimize your financial performance. With fewer employees to manage everyday tasks, you can greatly increase your profitability.

Dedicated to a Higher Standard

Quantum Gold Wireless Networking

Wireless networking lets you program, monitor, audit and diagnose machines from any computer, anywhere in the world.

Multi-Level Pricing

Lower your utility costs by charging different prices for hot, warm and cold wash cycles.

Cycle Modifiers

Create and customize your own “medium” or “heavy” soil program, potentially increasing washer revenue by 4-5%.

Proprietary Inverter Drive

Our exclusive, highly efficient inverter drive provides smooth, reliable power, saving you 33% on electricity versus 2-speed models.

Lower Power Mode

Shut off the LED display and automatically go into Low Power mode when your store is closed.

Lucky Cycle

Reward customers with a free wash or dry after a predetermined number of cycles.

Time of Day Pricing

Customize your price settings according to your traffic volume. Charge premiums during busy times or offer reduced rates during off-peak hours.

Auto Shutdown Assistant

Quantum Gold ensures that your laundry closes on time, shutting down automatically at a specified time.

Drop-Off Mode

Set aside machines to be used by your attendant for wash, dry and fold business without disabling them manually.

Auto Water Leak Detection (Hardmount Only)

Quantum immediately alerts you if there is a leak or obstruction in your machine.

30 Programmable Water Levels (Hardmount Only)

Control your water costs by modifying the amount of water used for each fill within a cycle.

Slow Drain Detection (Hardmount Only)

Quantum will automatically alert you if a slow draining condition exists in any of your machines.

OPL Mode

Allows machines to be set aside for commercial customers who are using your equipment during a specified time.

Satisfied customers are what make your business thrive, and keeping them happy is essential to sustaining and growing your success. Quantum is here to help. Create a positive laundry experience with intuitive controls for ease of use, plus exclusive Quantum Gold features like incentives for return visits and a lucky cycle to reward customer loyalty. Few things irritate customers more than machines that don’t work properly – or at all. With up-to-the-minute notifications via Quantum Gold, you can quickly identify and tend to maintenance issues that may affect efficiency or cause downtime. The Quantum control system is designed to make running your facility easier and more efficient, and that’s key to ensuring customer satisfaction as well as profitability.

Increase Flexibility and Profitability

Cycle modifiers. Time of day pricing. Adjustable water levels. Infrared communication. Quantum Gold and Silver provide complete control over programming and pricing based on your segment, peak periods and customer feedback. Our payment system’s open architecture easily integrates with your aftermarket payment system. And you can forget about annoying cords – Quantum Gold’s networking system is now available in wireless for ultimate convenience.

Reduce Operating Costs

Quantum not only helps you make more money – it helps you save more, too. With advanced features, you can seamlessly adjust to changes in your cost structure, reduce utility and labor costs and maximize the overall efficiency of your equipment. Quantum Gold and Silver feature automatic leak detection, which alerts you to leaks or obstructions to help avoid expensive water and sewage bills, along with slow drain detection that monitors drain time to catch errors before they become a costly issue. The result? Less downtime for your machines, lower preventative maintenance costs and savings on utilities and labor.

Store and Revenue Reports

Quantum Gold monitors your equipment to deliver in-depth reporting. Providing a comprehensive look at machine specifications as well as valuable business information, Quantum Gold helps you understand attendant and drop off activity, output average totals, turns per day and revenue details for each machine during specific time periods. See which features are making the most money during peak and non-peak periods, and adjust pricing accordingly. With Quantum Gold reporting, you can track your laundry performance and make informed decisions to positively impact your bottom line. It’s yet another smart way to improve your profitability with Speed Queen.

 The Quantum Gold Difference