Why Invest in a Laundromat?

When looking for a small business investment opportunity, the first thing you probably want to know is if it is profitable. When it comes to a laundromat business, the answer to that question is a resounding “yes.” In fact, laundromats in the U.S. see an average ROI of 20-35% – much higher than most alternative investment opportunities. When considering additional benefits such as independence, flexibility, modest costs and recession resistance, there truly is no business like the laundromat business.

Proven Business Model

Every investment has its advantages and disadvantages, depending on your own personal business goals. The laundromat business is no different. But with a unique combination of stability, flexibility and profitability, laundromat investments are in a class all by themselves. Uncommon benefits of a laundromat business include:

High Success Rate
Impressive ROI
Recession Resistance
Adaptable to Your Lifestyle
All-Cash Business
Advanced Controls
Low Labor Costs
Tax Advantages
Stable Customer Base

Better than Alternative Investment Opportunities

There are many options available to those looking to invest their money. However, when compared to a laundromat investment, many of these investment alternatives fall short in a number of key areas that affect profitability and overall success. Advantages a laundromat business holds over comparable investments include:

Lower startup costs than franchises
No ongoing franchise fees
Higher resistance to recession than the stock market
Comprehensive support absent in similar independent businesses

Unbelievable Support

You may not know much about laundromat investments or the laundromat business. With Speed Queen and Speed Queen Commercial Real Estate Services as your guides, you don’t have to. We offer full-scale support solutions delivered by a team of dedicated laundry experts who will counsel you through every step of the process, from location selection analysis to equipment selection and beyond. It’s all the support you’d ever want in a small business investment.

Location Analysis and Site Selection
Industry-Leading, Laundry-Focused Financing
Facility Design & Equipment Selection
Reliable Laundromat Equipment
Advanced Control Systems