Dedicated to Setting New Standards

Our totally redesigned line of Speed Queen washer-extractors is better than ever. Check out these new features:

  • Advanced Inverter Drive — This proprietary technology provides smooth, reliable power — saving you 33% on electricity versus previous models.
  • Patented Sump System Design — Uses 11% less water while maximizing cleaning power.
  • Faster Extraction Speed — Up to 200 G-Force extraction removes more water, leading to shorter dry times and lower energy bills.
  • Leak Detection — Patented Water Guardian saves water by detecting slow or leaking fill-valves and drains.
  • Stronger Frame — Computer-optimized plate steel frame is lighter, lasts longer, balances loads more efficiently and is pallet jackable, making it easier to install.
  • Quiet Performance — Stronger frame is designed to reduce sound and vibration levels.

To view our coin operated products, please use the “Products” menu in the right hand column on this page.  Product information is listed for each of our coin operated products, including downloadable PDF manuals and informational documents.

Commercial Equipment Company has established more coin operated launderies than any other distributor in the Southwest

Commercial Equipment Company is the oldest laundry distributor in the Southwest, with the same family ownership since 1967.

Commercial Equipment Company offers : layouts, demographics, construction, startup, new and used equipment sales, financing, service, parts, and all ancillary equipment.

Commercial Equipment Company supplies you with the best laundry equipment line in the industry: SPEED QUEEN

Commercial Equipment Company offers Nationwide Parts Sales and same day parts shipping.

Commercial Equipment Company has been here to service all of your laundry equipment for the past 40 years.

The coin operated laundry business is more than just washers and dryers. Successful coin operated laundry business owners understand the formula for profitability extends much further. As an industry leader, Speed Queen pours years of market experience into its coin operated laundry equipment to help grow the self service laundry trade.

Our laundry equipment is developed with balance in mind. Washer extractors must deliver not only top-level quality washing results, but the results must be balanced with energy efficiency and water-savings.

Speed Queen dryers and tumblers balance the same emphasis on quality with fast drying as well as efficient use of utilities.

Likewise, our controls are designed to offer customers a variety of wash and dry options while being extremely user friendly.

Learn more about The Quantum Controls

Quantum Gold

In addition to its networking and off-site management capabilities, Quantum Gold offers a total of 27 cycle combinations, 30 programmable water levels and customer-centric offerings such as a “lucky cycle” for loyal customers. Programming is easy and fast, while time-of-day pricing can be scheduled to increase business on slower days. Cycle modifier keys allow additional profit opportunities and the ability to interface with your card payment system of choice. Quantum Gold is designed to help you maximize your profitability.

Quantum Silver

Quantum Silver gives owners a variety of profit-producing features, including nine cycle combinations, multi-level vending and time-of-day pricing and offers a maximum extraction speed of 100 G-Force. Like Quantum Gold, you’ll have total control over your laundry operation from any remote location using the Internet and be able to integrate your card payment system of choice.